About Us

Who We Are?

So many Malaysians are casual about roadside emergency breakdown because it rarely happens. As a matter of fact, some have practically no idea what a roadside emergency breakdown is.

However, a few Malaysian drivers out there, have been unlucky to experience unforeseen car breakdowns at least once in their lifetime. At RAYMIN, our sole desire is to help Malaysian road users fix emergency car breakdowns without stress, difficulty, and sweat. We care about the safety of Malaysian, which is why our products have been designed to come up with quick fixes that will help you be on your way in no time and avoid the risk of roadside crime.

RAYMIN is focused on providing adequate tools for fixing car emergency situations in a very short time with no stress at all.

Customer Satisfaction

We have a reputable standard as regards commitment customers’ satisfaction. With our high-quality auto tire accessories which are available at affordable prices, we have been able to secure and establish a marketplace all over Malaysia.

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